American Religious Humanism, Revised Edition


By Mason Olds


Mason Olds (Ph.D., Brown University) is Emeritus Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Springfield College, and a former editor of the journal Religious Humanism (1989-1995).  Prior to entering college teaching, he was in the Unitarian Universalist ministry.

"The founders of modern religious humanism believed that to make religion real, reasonable, honest and practical was to enrich human life in all its dimensions.  Their stories offer a refreshing confidence in the human capacity for understanding and discovery, and a bracing summons to personal honesty and responsibility for the quality of both our inner lives and our communities."

- The Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons, Senior Minister of the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis

"With this classic  study of the remarkable achievements of John H. Dietrich, Curtis W. Reese, and Charles F. Potter, Mason Olds has set a very high standard for all future writers on American religious humanism."

- David Schafer, Past President, HUUmanists Association

"To apprehend the development of American liberal religious thought as it progressed into the twentieth century, an understanding of the emergence of religious humanism is imperative.  Mason Olds' American Religious Humanism provides an excellent foundation for gaining such a perspective.  This volume should serve as an essential primary reference for any person or library interested in American studies, especially American religious thought."

- W, Creighton Peden, President, Highland Institute for American Religious Thought

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